Mission Statement (eng.)


Mission Statement

We are the Education Centre of the Jesuits and Caritas. 

"No dialogue without sharing the Faith with others, examining culture, and ensuring that justice is in place."
(34th General Congregation of the Jesuit Order, 1995)

"Equal opportunities for all, fair trade and the willingness to share – for us, these are the essential, indespensable building blocks of society."
(Mission statement of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna)

Our foundation is the Christian view of humanity:

On this basis, we approach individuals in their entirety with appreciation and respect. Following the example of Cardinal König, we embrace different points of view, openness and dialogue and strive to communicate these values on a wider scale. We are an institution of the Catholic Church and are committed to the concept of an open church. 

We provide support for adults in their personal or professional learning processes. 

Our programme focuses on Ignatian spirituality, order development, social management, hospice and palliative care and issues of society. We work with people, teams, organisations and their employees who wish to advance their personal, cooperative, social and professional training and development - venturing into new territory and thereby uncovering new spiritual dimensions. Institutions have the opportunity to conduct their own events in our facilities - we offer our support in the process. We provide consulting and assistance based on our own expertise. We also make room for support groups. 

We foster a friendly and supportive environment through our creative and professional dedication. 

We are a multi-professional team consisting of diverse national, linguistic and religious backgrounds and different ways of life. We consider ourselves to be experts in adult education as well as in the support of personal and social development and learning processes. We are committed to continuous quality improvement and work in conjunction with our participants and guests towards further development of our programmes. Holistic education processes require attentive care for the body, mind and soul. Therefore, we offer healthy meals, comfortable guest rooms, modern conference rooms, rooms for spiritual deepening, as well as a large park.  

Our aim is to help the people that come to us to achieve a successful learning experience. 

We define a successful learning experience as a process with the following facets: identity forging, world orientation and world transformation. Individuals become aware of themselves, their personal and social skills. They expand upon these facets and are encouraged and supported in their search for meaning. Individuals become conscious of their own patterns of interpretation, which in turn inform the way they view the world and orient themselves within it; they acquire knowledge, broaden their horizons and recognize connections; they form opinions and take on positions. Individuals are empowered and encouraged to take responsibility and become protagonists that transform their lives and the world; they become inventive and dynamic.


Neuer Lehrgang Geistliche Begleitung 2019-2021

Die Ausbildung soll dazu befähigen, den Lebens- und Glaubensweg Einzelner zu begleiten.

Beginn: 11.-13. Oktober 2019

Interessierte können sich bereits vormerken lassen, die Bewerbung ist bis 28. Februar 2019 möglich.

Wirksam durch Multiplikation

Wie bringen wir jene Prozesse der Multiplikation und der Wiederholung in Gang, die das Richtige stärken, vermehren und wirksam werden lassen? Klaus Schwertner, Generalsekretär der Caritas Wien...

Wirksam durch Reduktion

Wer träumt nicht von einem Weniger? Andrea Kapounek, Pflegedirektorin des KH Göttlicher Heiland, teilt Gedanken zu einem der Themen der Woche der Wirksamkeit.

Wirksam durch Vertrauen

Wem kann man vertrauen? Was sind Voraussetzungen dafür? Franz-Joseph Huainigg, Autor und Politiker, gibt Einblicke in seine Einstellung zu Vertrauen.

ksoe-Lehrgang Soziale Verantwortung 2018-2020

• gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen analysieren • Alternativen prüfen • ethische Positionen erarbeiten • zukunftsfähige Projekte der Veränderung umsetzen – der Lehrgang Soziale Verantwortung. Gestaltungskompetenz für den gesellschaftlichen Wandel bietet dafür Entwicklungsraum. Ab Oktober 2018, zweijährig, berufsbegleitend.