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The newly founded „integration“ unit of the Vienna based Kardinal König Haus is dedicated to develop and offer a high quality educational program in the thematic areas of migration, asylum and immigrant integration. We develop our program in cooperation with and for people who newly arrived in this country, as well as local communities and professionals who work with refugees and other groups of immigrants.
Currently the following activities are part of our program:


Training for professionals

We have a seminar series that provides people who work in refugee homes, but who do not have previous experience in the field, basic knowledge on issues such as asylum law, Islam, and political conflicts in countries of origin of asylum seekers. Our seminar series also teaches practical tools as regards social work with refugees, and specific sub-groups (such as unaccompanied minor refugees). It, moreover, helps to understand and to constructively deal with forms of traumatic disorders that people, who had to flee their homes are often suffering from; and equips people in the field with knowledge to prevent conflicts.


Direct support of refugees

We currently offer free of charge German language classes, as well as communication classes for asylum seekers, and prepare them for the state certified German exams. We directly cooperate and regularly exchange with refugee homes in our vicinity.    


Support and information for local communities

A major aim of the “integration” unit is to be also a source of support and information for local communities, who voluntarily work with refugees and individuals, who have open questions relating to issues of immigration, asylum, ethno-cultural diversity and its consequences. The politicized, highly emotionalized climate often makes it hard to have an informed opinion about these issues, this is a challenge we aim to confront.


Further information

If you are searching further information about migration/asylum and need practical support, please check out our extensive link list, which provides an overview about NGOs and other institutions that offer professional services for immigrants, refugees and others.